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Shadowbox Studio is a new photo & video shooting space at 2200D Dominion Street in Durham, North Carolina. Located off 900 East Club Boulevard in the new Ample Storage facility, Shadowbox is a flexible, rentable, what-you-need-it-to-be kind of place, run by Alex Maness and Jim Haverkamp.

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Alex Maness
Local film series continues with “PSYCHO / PSYCHO,” a superimposition of Van Sant’s “Psycho” on top of Hitchcock’s original (with audio playing from both—it’s a trip)
Thu July 30, 8 pm BYOB

Perfect for portraits, product photography, interviews, voice overs, movie screenings, workshops, auditions, small events, spy club meetings, and whatever you can dream up.

Amenities include 25’ x 35’ shooting/activity space (with 14’ ceiling), voice recording area, parking lot, internet access, restroom, climate control, lobby/green room.

Rates start at $100/day for studio space, with options for renting gear, crew, and post-production services.

Contact us to find out more and schedule a tour.

Curtis Eller’s American Circus inaugurates the studio for NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest

It’s somehow fitting that our first production was about the last rites, as Curtis Eller brought his American Circus gang to the studio in January to shoot a video for their song “Busby Berkeley Funeral,” embedded below.

Directed by Jaybird O’Berski and photographed by Shadowbox’s Alex Maness, the video is an entry into NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest, which asks entrants to perform with a desk in the shot. It was rated by KITHFOLK as one of their 10 best entries to the contest.

(Alex also snapped the nifty photo of Curtis at Shadowbox.)

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